The town of Glenrowan would be but a dot on the map (and a small dot at that) if not for the exploits of The Kelly Gang. For some townsfolk that is good and for others not so. Either way, if not for the happenings of 1880 I doubt we would even know where this place was! 

        Type Glenrowan into any search engine here on the internet and you will find that Glenrowan is pretty much a ‘one off’. There is but one ‘Glenrowan’, and its very existence today is due to the Kelly legend.

        Glenrowan is a lovely little town, what I like about it the most is that it is untouched by the modern invasions of life at many of the key siege sites. 

.        Many ‘siege sites’ are now vacant land, the site of the Glenrowan Inn, the site of the first volley, the railway station, the stationmaster’s house and more. 

         Thankfully most of these sites are undeveloped. Nothing much has happened to them since the original buildings rotted away. In the case of the Inn, other buildings were been built on the site, they too are long gone. Today there is nothing at all, which is fine by me.

        Bring along your imagination and you can find yourself stepping back in time to when the gang held up the entire town. Stand at the (replica) train station and imagine a flurry of activity as the police arrived and the shootout commenced. 

        For many visitors, having their photo taken with the town’s Big Ned is sufficient. Taking home a few tea towels and T-shirts might be enough enjoyment also. For me, I go there to get a ‘feel’ of what it might have been like back in 1880. 

        Whilst looking around in my section on Tourism, you should be able to find out what to see & do, where to eat, where to stay.