Cobb & Co (Ned Kelly’s World), operated by local Kelly historian Gary Dean, of Glenrowan. This shop is chock full of souvenirs and has an informative museum in the basement. The shop contains bricks in its construction which came from the Farmers Arms Glenrowan. My favourite item in this shop is the vast array of coffee mugs which have hundreds of different first names on them. Unless you have  kids with unusual names, as I do, then you are sure to find one to suit. They have an image of Ned’s helmet on the front and are made of pottery. (update: the cups are now slightly smaller than the originals)

        There is also a large selection of T-shirts and such. Stickers, pins, badges, you name it, Gary has it. All of the items available here are for sale online at Gary’s site and do not be surprised if you see some of his items selling on e-bay for ten times their original cost!

        In the basement, for a small fee, you will find the results of many years of research. Many photographs and other documents are to be found. My tip, if you want to see a gem, look for the poem written by Ned’s brother, Jim Kelly, in his own hand.

Kate’s Cottage, lies next door to Cobb & Co. It is run by Rod & Chris Gerrett. Like the other souvenir shops in town they are open all year round. This shop has a great number of T-shirts, and very fairly priced too. There is a vast array of Ned T-shirts to be found here as well as caps and tea towels.

        Around the corner inside you see some quality products, not all of Ned, some are simply of Australiana themes.

        Out the back here is a museum of note. There is a large collection of items to see including some fine paintings of the gang and family. Out from here is a replica of the Kelly home. The walls are papered in newspapers that you can buy copies of in the shop.  The replica Kelly home is so authentic looking you could be fooled into thinking that it is as old as the original. Before you leave do not forget to sign their guest book.