At Glenrowan there were many representatives of the Victorian Railways. 
Some were prisoners of the gang, one was with the police from the start, whilst others were responsible for the operation of the trains that ran from the beginning of the siege and beyond.

Listed here are some of the names of those involved with the running of the police ‘special’ and pilot engines. During the siege many other workers brought trains, police and persons to Glenrowan. 

Many were to later share in the distribution of the Kelly BLOOD MONEY.

ALDER, Henry William.

Henry was a driver on the pilot engine that was in front of the police ‘Special’.
He was the first person to see CURNOW as he waved his red warning signal that  saved the lives of the police.




John was a driver of the ‘Special’ train which followed the pilot engine.

BURCH, Hugh McClement.

Hugh was the fireman on board the ‘Special’.

A letter dated 1881 March 14 is held in the  National Library of
Manuscript Section (ANL:MS)   it is :

A letter describing the train journey of 27 June 1880 which brought Stanhope and the blacktrackers from
Melbourne in pursuit of the Kelly gang. 
This unsigned letter is attributed to the fireman, Burch, and addressed to his parents (dated 14 March 1881,
Melbourne). It contains a partial description of this journey, breaking off abruptly when the train is several miles north of Benalla. 

COLEMAN, Richard.

Richard was an engine driver on the ‘Special’.


Ganger with McPhee.


Jesse was active in all facets of the siege.

HALLOWS, Herbert.

Herbert was a fireman on the police ‘Special’.

McPHEE, Archibald Andrew.

Archibald was a railway guard in the brake-van on the Pilot engine. He also
one of the first persons to spot Curnow.


The Station-master at Glenrowan during the siege.
His house was also used to house prisoners.

STEWART, John Charles