There were anywhere from 40 to 62 prisoners in the Glenrowan Inn, summoned there by Ned Kelly and his gang. At various times people were held at the Inn and the stationmaster’s house, with most eventually being kept in the Inn. Once Bracken was taken prisoner, everyone was kept in the Inn. Some were sympathisers and others were simply caught up in what was going on. Below is a smattering of names of some who witnessed history. (this list includes all prisoners no matter where they were held)

Stanistreet John
Mortimer David
Delaney John (son)
Delaney William
Delaney Patrick
Rowan Tom
Gibbins Robert
Curnow Thomas.
Reynolds Hillmorton
McDonnell family
Jones family.
The Children.
McDonnell Jack
Catherine & Eugene…
Jones Jane
John & 3 brothers.
Reynolds Alex
Ryan kids x 3 or 4.
Stanistreet kids x 3.

The Policeman (see Traps.)
Metcalfe George.

Railway Contractors working for Piazzi.
Piazzi Adolphus
Simpson James
Lowe John
McEwan Neil
Visiting lady.

Reardon James
Sullivan Denis
Sander Cook William (Labourer from Taminick)
Cherry Martin.

Larkin John
McHugh Neil
Cook William
Cameron T.

McKean, Neil
McAuliffe x 2
Mrs Reardon Margaret
Gibbins Robert
Rennison William & Catherine
Reynolds Edward
Mr & Mrs Ryan
Miss Curnow
Mrs Curnow
Kershaw James

The terrified Mrs. Stanistreet and her children were left at home (where
some prisoners were earlier held and watched by Steve Hart). 
Mrs. Bracken and her two year old son Richard were also left at home…..Mrs. Margaret Reardon was listed as Mary in McMenomy (Ned Kelly) and Margaret by The Royal Commission, Jones (A Short Life) & Clune
(Ned Kelly’s Last Stand). The accurate full name appears to be Margaret Mary Reardon.