Kelly Biographer Ian Jones:
”Perhaps he was the only real Robin Hood who has ever lived.”
On the other side of the fence (Police): Police Association Victoria secretary Greg Davies, said Ned was ”a psychopathic criminal misfit who left a trail of destruction and misery in his wake”.
According to The State Library of Victoria:
Quick facts
Ned Kelly:
was born in June 1855, in Beveridge, Victoria.
Died at the gallows in Melbourne Gaol, on 11 November 1880
Was the eldest son of eight children to John ‘Red’ Kelly and Ellen Quinn.
As a child, saved another boy from drowning – the boy’s family awarded him a green silk sash in recognition of his bravery.
Was believed by some to have been romantically involved with his cousin, Kate Lloyd, whom he visited just days before the siege in Glenrowan, and Steve Hart’s sister Ettie Hart.