During the later part of the siege several medical men arrived at Glenrowan.

Doctor John Nicholson.

This doctor attended to Ned’s wounds after Ned was captured. Believing that Ned would not survive, or perhaps regardless of this fact, the good Dr removed and souvenired Ned’s green sash. (given to a young Ned by the Sheltons for saving their son from drowning at Avenel) It would be lost to us for many years before a descendant returned it to Australia. (it is now displayed in the Benalla Pioneer & Costume Museum)

Dr Benjamin Clay Hutchinson.

Dr. Hutchinson arrived with Dr. Nicholson. This Doctor attended Ned and later the other wounded occupants of the Inn. He searched the ruins of the Inn with the eyes of a doctor (obviously), and managed to send a souvenir home to England. (solid proof that someone perished in the fire) The good doctor found a human foot. He was also present as Ned’s body was dissected after execution, for the amusement of the medical men.
Dr. Hutchinson was friends with Hiram Crawford the highly successful American born coach magnate. 
Hutchinson had received his MD in Edinburgh prior to coming to Australia.

Dr Charles Ryan.

Dr. Ryan treated Superintendent Hare in Benalla after the siege. He also attended Rupertswood in Sunbury to continuously treat the wound. During WW1 Ryan treated a young Frank Clune, author of several Kelly books. Dr. Ryan was related to Mr. Hare and many questions were asked about the relationship and associated costs.

Doctor Turner.

Dr Turner had his practice in Moonee Ponds and treated the wounded Tracker ‘Jimmy’, wounded at Glenrowan.