Aug 5 1880

To the Traffic Manager


    I beg most respectfully to place
before you the following statement of 
the part I took in connection with the 
Kelly special which left Melbourne on
the night of Sunday 27th of June 1880.
I desire to direct your attention to
the responsible position which I filled on that
occasion as guard in charge of train. As
you are aware the engine was disabled by a 
collision with the gate at Craigeburn and placing
me in a very awkward position . While I was
fully alive to the importance of the mission
I had to consider the advisability of continuing
the journey with a disabled engine, and I 
decided to undertake the responsibility of going
on knowing that every moment was of ????
the engine brake was disabled, and I had to
take full control of the engine and train
with my van brake.
    If I had decided to send the engine
back to Melbourne with instructions to repair
it there would have been a delay of (4) hours
and that would have brought the Police party
into Glenrowan after day-light.
    Probably by that time the outlaws
would have escaped.

At Glenrowan station everything was in great
disorder when the special arrived, and a great
deal depended on my judgment.  Had I 
not dispatched a train to Benalla the 6:10 am
up train would most certainly gone
into the gap which was prepared for the special.
I further beg to state that I risked my life
while shunting and displacing the train
from Glenrowan to Benalla for police
reinforcement. Most of my work was
carried on in front of Jones Hotel  therefore
open to the bullets that was flying about in all

        I therefore trust that you will
take the matter into your favourable
consideration as  your judgment may deem

                I have the honor to be
                your most obedient servant
                Frank Bell