Several artists were at Glenrowan during the siege, however only one was
there from the beginning. His name was Thomas Carrington. Carrington from the Sketcher
drew many famous sketches as the action unfolded.

The last resting place of Carrington.
Courtesy of the Brighton Cemetery.


Julian Ashton was photographed here as he joined onlookers who had been viewing
the body of Joe Byrne strung up to the lockup door.
Ashton was an artist for The Illustrated Australian News. Many of his sketches can be seen throughout this site and are fantastic depictions of what happened. Ashton did several drawings of Ned. One very famous drawing is Ned in the dock. This sketch was done from ‘life’ as Ned stood in the dock. Another is a sketch of the body of Joe. Ashton is recorded as saying “It was my job to sketch Byrne; in the candle -light as the body lay in the cell. It was the most miserable assignment I ever had”. Ashton created an art school in New South Wales which was very well respected.