Ned now had the company of Joe, for Joe’s body was placed near Ned and taken with him to Benalla where it would go on public display. I have read about individual police officers posing with Joe’s corpse for a photo. The bodies of Dan and Steve were taken across to McDonnell’s Hotel and despite the police wanting to have an inquest, it was eventually decided to allow them to remain with relatives who held a wake in Greta. (for fear of reprisals by Kelly sympathisers) 

    Joe’s family did not ask for his body, however Joe’s mates did try to claim him but were cheated from doing so as the authorities buried him under cover of darkness in the Benalla cemetery.

    The police feared a new gang would emerge, with Jim Kelly, Ned’s brother, coming under close surveillance. Jim would instead live a life free of crime, looking after his mother.

    Ned would survive and stand trial for the murder of Const Lonigan. He was found guilty and executed on November 11 1880.